White Witch Patricia Weston - Book Of Spells And Magic Review

You might remember back to last year when I ran an interview with white witch Patricia Weston? If not you can check it out here .
 This interview circulated a lot of hype and raised the question 'do witches really exist?' Well, duh...
 Since then I've gotten my hands on Patricia's book by my friend Vera and having read, tired and tested my first ever spell book I've decided to give you my full honest review on Patricia Westons book of 'spells and magic'.

First and foremost I have to just say how much I love Patricia and if you're not following her Instagram account you need to do that straight away (@patriciathewitch) if, like me you're lover of all things spiritual then her insta account is all the daily social media you'll need, it's my first page of interest every morning.
 From my encounters of Patricia I've yet to come across a more genuine, amazing person who hopefully I'll get to meet in the flesh one day but don't let my admiration of Patricia get in the way of my honest book review. No matter how lovely a person is if I don't like something I won't pretend I do, but that just isn't the case for this book as I can genuinely say it's changed my life.
 Like I said above, this was my first spell book and having just got interested in spell work and spirituality I felt like a duck out of water, there was so much to learn and so many ways this craft could be dangerous so I stuck to this book like there was no tomorrow and it made everything so easy and straight forward for a beginner like myself.
 It goes through everything from setting up your altar, going through the tools, casting and closing a circle, sourcing ingredients and of course the spells this was everything you'd ever need as a beginner witch.

I understand there will be people reading this right now who think this is insane and spells are rubbish and I completely respect their opinions but for me it's something I strongly believe in and it's amazing to have guides out there like Patricia to help you find your path.
 I believe everyone's spiritual journey is personal and unique so I won't go too much into my own but having done spells from this book I'm so happy to say some have worked for me, some haven't but it's putting something out into the universe and asking for help to make it happen that seems so magical to me.

Overall I'd give this book 5 out of 5 and would recommend it to all, whether you're a beginner or an experienced witch there's something you can take out of this book.

You can purchase Patricia's book here for €10 and be sure to check out her Facebook page to find out more. 

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