Welcome To Halloween 2017

Hello everyone!!!
 I know it's been a while but welcome back to Little Piece Of Halloween from the brain child of Little Piece Of Lynda Blog.
For those of you that don't know me, my name is Lynda Hennebry and I'm a 22 year old blogger from Ireland. Usually a lifestyle blogger, I decided to start my Halloween blog last year as a place to share my love and passion for Halloween and after getting such a great response I couldn't wait until October 2017 when I could start all over again and FINALLY, thanks be to God that time is here again.

I've loved Halloween since I was a child and as I got older that love has just grown stronger and stronger. Understandably there will be people out there who don't understand the hype about Halloween and most certainly will not understand why I've dedicated a blog to it, but what I'm trying to do is reach out to those people out there who, like me who don't just see Halloween as a day, but more as a lifestyle and of course anyone who just loves the whole aspect of Halloween. 
 I'll speak more about where my love from Halloween stems from, and how I got the nickname Hallowqueen ;) but for now I want to keep this short and sweet and welcome you back to Little Piece Of Halloween.

I have so much up my sleeve from history to stories to recipes and even my own personal encounters with the paranormal, I'm hoping there's something for everyone so please feel free to let me know what you think and hit me up with any comments/ suggestions you may have. 

So stay tuned and I'll be back with my first Halloween inspired post very soon!!! 

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