Youghalloween 2016

Yes I've been in Halloween mode since October 1st but Friday evening is when it all kicked off to me as I headed to Youghal for my first ever Youghalloween. Previously on my post about things to do this Halloween I discovered this three day festival in Co.Cork and couldn't wait to see what Youghalloween spooktacular had to offer and believe me when I say it was an experience.
I finished work at 6pm on Friday and headed straight to Youghall with the three amigos Karen, Annmarie and Roisín. None of us were too sure what to expect but as I recently got really involved in the spiritual side and witchcraft I knew I had no choice but to attend and see some witches in real life and witness their practises, it was unbelievable to see how they practised their craft and showed it to everyone.
 I was still in my work clothes so couldn't get too dressed up but I did wear my cape (which I got in Tesco for €7 and am obsessed with) whilst the girls made a similar effort, I love the fact you were encouraged to dress up, it really made you embrace the Halloween spirit and I loved it.

The night kicked off at half past 7 and we got there around ten past, when I go next year I'll make sure to get their earlier as the place did fill up quite quickly but we could see perfectly what was going on. It was set on the mall beach and it was the perfect location I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked, my pictures do not do it justice I swear. They had the fire burning in the circle which was then used as the witches casting circle, the reason they light this circle of flame is to keep out the negative energies and only work within the light and with positive energies as all white witches do. It was within this castle circle that the witches soon gathered and did their opening ceremony and welcomed An bhean uisce. Being 100% honest with you before I went to Youghall I had not got a clue what An bhean uisce was and days later I still don't know the whole story about it. They do of course tell you the whole story but it was over a microphone and we were a bit away so I couldn't really make out what was being said but none the less watching the witches preform was amazing and it really affected me in a great way, I loved it!! 
The whole ceremony was absolutely breathtaking, the sparklers and flames were absolutely deadly and then it was time to welcome the bean usice home. She arrived on a boat and was met by the knights and witches of Youghall before being marched around the town.
The whole thing was just absolutely beautiful and really kicked off the Halloween weekend. I fell in love with Youghall that night and it made me appreciate Halloween a million times more. It made me miss the old Halloween, when it was genuinely really appreciated and loved but the work the community of Youghall put in is incredible and really goes above and beyond. The Saturday was an amazing day especially for children, with storytelling, wand making classes and haunted tours of the town. I realised it was an event that you can bring the whole family to, whether you're 7 or 70 you belong at Youghalloween. 
Unfortunately I had to miss Monday night and it was the night I wanted to be at more than anything because it was the closing ceremony and the witches were going to dance, there's a video that went viral of German witches dancing and the witches of Youghall were going to re create this.
From the videos posted on facebook they did an amazing rendition of the dance and it was on that night the ceremony came to a close much like this blog post. Summed up I loved my weekend in Youghall and I can't wait for next year... unbelievable.

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