My House At Halloween - 2016

Decorating the house at Halloween is something that's just always been done in my home, no questions asked we just always went all out for Halloween and this year was of course no different. Even though I am 21 and not 12 I've always said the one thing I refuse to give up is the Halloween spirit in me and it began on Saturday night when I began hacking into my pumpkin.
 I brought my dog Mursher outside and forced her to sit with me and listen to this is halloween on repeat for the 3 hours when I carved my two pumpkins we'll call them disaster 1 and disaster 2, only messing they were class (well until it started getting dark and I realised I was carving my hands and not the orange flesh of the pumpkin) but none the less they turned out fairly decent and I had a great evening bonding with Mursher in my cape getting into the Halloween spirit.

The inside of the house started bright and early on Sunday morning, Sunday was the day Halloween really kicked off for me and I started the day by putting on my black witches cape and playing my Halloween playlist... on repeat!! First things first I had to go through my four black sacks full of decorations which is actually my favourite part, I have a ridiculous amount, half of what I couldn't even stick up but I love opening the sacks and seeing what I've forgotten I still have, I'm like a child on Christmas morning.
The first thing to happen is every bottle gets a label, I love doing this. I think they look amazing especially if you're having a party. I bought my labels for €1 in PartyWorld but you can easily make your own and I'm sure you can find them in loads of Halloween shops but in my house they're on every bottle.
One area of my house that I'll always decorate is my hallway and this is one of my favourite decorations, this tree is up 24/7 with the lights attached and I think it looks perfect for Autumn especially with a little pumpkin and a lantern beside it.
The first place I always decorate is my sitting room and I start with the mantle piece. Black flowers always set the spooky theme. These are plastic ones that I bought in Euro Giant years ago for €1.50 and I still have them years on. As a matter of fact most items on this mantle piece are from the pound shop and I think it looks deadly. 
Especially with the lights off..
When it comes to the outside of my house I make that little bit more of an effort doing as much as I can to transform my house into the perfect Halloween scene, the pictures I took were from the day before Halloween so it wasn't completely transformed yet but you'll get the idea.
I always have a couple of tombstones scattered around the garden and I feel they look especially good in the day time (please excuse my pathetic excuse of a 'boo' pumpkin) 
Then there's my inflatable ghosts, these are such a goldmine at Halloween as everyone loves them. I used to have a eight foot pop up ghost and a witch splashed into a wall decorations but over the years this disappeared but the garden always looks well... or at least I think so!!

And there you have it, a quick look at my house on Halloween. Of course there's so much more I could show you but I hope you've gotten some inspo from my house and next year don't worry I'll photograph everything!!!! 

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