Horedible Hands

If you come into my house on Halloween night something you're bound to see scattered around the kitchen are horedible hands and that's a given.
I've been making these for as long as I remember and they go down so well with trick or treaters (and my friends) each and every year, plus they're so simple and fun to make.
What you need:
-Plastic gloves (clear ones not ones with the powder in them)
- Smarties or something similar
- Popcorn

I don't think anything looks more impressive on the kitchen table than these hands and like I said they're so easy to make.

1. Place the same colour smarties in each finger of the glove as the finger nail, I skipped this step this year as I completely forgot to buy them but you can use anything as long as it's edible and the same colour as the nails.
2. Stuff the hands with the popcorn, I made about fifteen gloves this year with four bags of microwave popcorn, but fill them up making sure you push the popcorn down into the fingers.
3. Tie the glove at the top/ neck of it. What I used this year were the little loom bands and they worked perfectly but any elastic will do. If you can't find elastic then you can just tie a knot in the top of the glove and there you have it.

Three of the easiest steps and kids love to make and eat these, something to keep them entertained for a while anyway!! 
Serve these along with my ghostly cupcakes and you'll be the most popular house in the avenue. 

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