Halloween 2016

And so it ends.. Halloween has come and gone and I couldn't be more upset if I tried. I'm sure from my previous posts you've understood the reasons why I love Halloween so much and like every other Halloween this one has it's own story to tell.
Last year we celebrated Halloween twice, once in Carlow (which is a night none of us will ever forget) and once in Carrick where we had the best night of our lives.
The year before that was a usual little party in my house which insisted of great friends and Sam Smith and the one before that..well that year was the craziest Halloween I've ever encountered, a story not fit for blogs but this year was a little different than all the above because it was celebrated on the 30th and not the 31st so there actually wasn't any celebration on Halloween night.

What you can say though is we started celebrated hard and it began from October 1st. I started my Halloween blog and we began planning our little days out like Loftus Hall and Youghalloween, I missed out on so many amazing events due to work but I celebrated it from day 1 and I'm so happy we made the most out of the most magical time of the year... literally!!
 For me, this October has been the most intense one yet as I really took a huge leap into the spiritual side of things, what really affected me was when I realised that the veil between our world and the dead was at it's thinnest so I really reached out to my spiritual guiders and ancestors and the response I've gotten has been incredible. I don't want to go too much into it as it's a very personal journey but it's been surreal and I've taken so much out of this Halloween.

After all the fun events came and passed the main event was on the 30th of October when our SoberTober had come to an end and we decided to get back out on the bandwagon drinking again. One of my favourite things about Halloween is dressing up and this year I decided to think outside the box and go as a mime. As a rule I hate mimes, they drive me insane and their make up scares me but it was happening and I bought my costume from thecostumeshop.com which I found brilliant, it was free delivery and it arrived the very next day so I was delighted and would really recommend that website.

As much as I love dressing up I wont lie and say I'm a natural at makeup so myself and the girls got together early and began painting our faces and we only had a few minor breakdowns along the way. I tell ya if lads had to go through what girls had to go through for a night out then ladies nights would be much more popular believe me but when all was finally done it was time to break the six week drinking ban and enjoy ourselves...and that we did!!
I even endured twenty minutes of no talking during pre drinks and that for me, was not easy believe me!!
After we woke up on the Monday morning though we looked very different and definitely scary enough for Halloween without a costume and we quickly came to terms with the fact our Halloween celebrations had finally come to an end. I made my pumpkin cake, ghostly cupcakes, horedible hands and finished decorating and by that time then it was time to head to bed...such a sad Halloween night I know but what can you do when you live in a shoe?!
So that was my Halloween story this year, very different to my other mad years, I did Samhain blessings, honoured my ancestors and became very spiritual focusing less on going out and partying and it was great but next year??? Double party to make up for it!!
I hope you all had an amazing Halloween!!

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