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Is It All A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus?? - Witchcraft In Ireland
From a young age witchcraft is always something that interested me, I don't know if it was watching far too much 'Sabrina the teenage witch' or if it was because I was a witch in my past life but none the less my fascination with witches was immense, as I grew older and began looking into the history of Halloween the one piece that always stood out to me was The Salem Witch Trials and I knew one day I wanted to speak to a real life witch, something which my friends always told me was impossible because 'witches don't exist' well  I know know that statement is completely untrue and the day I speak to a witch has finally come.
Broomsticks, black cats and evil spirits are all things that people associate with witches as we portray them as green, ugly, scary women casting evil spells but that's not the case whatsoever. There are so many white witches throughout the country and it is not something to be feared. White witches are not evil, they're not devil worshippers they're quite the opposite and will use their powers to help people.
I spoke to white witch Patricia Weston about all things witchy.. I hope you enjoy 🎃👻 
Patricia Weston is a white witch based in Skerries North Co. Dublin I couldn't believe how lovely Patricia was. From the minute I spoke to her I felt so relaxed and at ease she's such a lovely woman. Patricia is a Clairvoyant Medium, White Witch, Tatot Card Reader and much more using her amazing powers to help people daily from her witch's house. I had so many questions for Patricia they were bursting out my ears...

When did you realise you were a witch? 
I feel I've been a witch in many past lifetimes. As a hypnotherapist and past life therapist, I have explored my previous lifetimes and discovered I was a witch or healer in many. I felt comfortable enough to come out of the broom closet in my 30s and I haven't looked back since. It's a beautiful path. 

What actually is witchcraft? 
Witchcraft is nature spirituality. It is simply a spiritual way of life where we honour nature and the elements. As a witch I feel empowered to work with the energies present all around us and I adhere to the Wicca Rede which clearly states - do what you will, and harm none. 

How will you celebrate Samhain this year? 
I will be giving psychic readings at the MIND BODY SPIRIT EVENT in the RDS that weekend but I will be honouring my ancestors throughout the month of October. I set up my altar and dedicate it to my loved ones and guides in the spirit world. It is very important we honour our ancestors at this time because the veil between worlds thins, so you can feel, see and communicate with spirit more clearly. 

Why are people still afraid of the word 'witch?' 
I don't think they are. In my experience people are fascinated by the paranormal, spiritual and world of witchcraft. The word witch has many different roots in the English and German language. It derives from the Old English 'wyrd' meaning fate and wicca meaning wise one. It's a positive, interesting and healing energy in all its forms. 

What benefit does being a witch bring to your life? 
For me, being a witch means being empowered. If I need to change something in my life I cast a spell. Being a witch means living your life for the highest good of all, honouring nature, honouring yourself and healing yourself. It's a work in progress, and when we are healed, we are not healed alone. 

If there are people who think they would love to get involved in the Wicca way what would you recommend they do? 
I've written a book called WHITE WITCH PATRICIA WESTON'S BOOK OF SPELLS & MAGIC. My book covers all the basics to get you up and running. It's available through my website www.patriciawestonpsychicwitch.com 

How do you remove negativity from your life?
You can clear negative energy from your aura or home by invoking Archangel Michael. 

 Finally Patricia, does working with spirits ever scare you?
It doesn't scare me because I work within the light. That means I only connect with loved ones and angels from the light, and so it is a beautiful, loving warm experience - there is nothing to be scared of.  

I hope you enjoyed my little interview with the lovely Patricia Weston, I just want to thank Patricia for taking her time out to answer these questions at such a busy time, it was an honour.
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