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Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog ' Little Piece Of Halloween' from the brain child of 'Little Piece Of Lynda'  my little place to share my love for the best day of the year, Halloween.
 There's going to be people who read this blog and it will make no sense at all 'what's so great about Halloween? It's just a day' but I know for a fact that there are people like me out there, people who believe Halloween is so much more than just 'any other day' and that's the type of audience I'm trying to aim Little Piece Of Halloween towards.

Most of my friends understand my love for Halloween and it's something that has always been instilled in me, it's like my love of writing it's not something I've made myself love it's something that has always been a huge part of my life and as much as I love writing I love Halloween double, that's a big thing to say!
 For me Halloween brings out my inner child and makes me reminisce on my childhood like it was yesterday, now that I'm 21 I've noticed so many changes on today's traditions to the ones I grew up with ten years ago and I want to ensure that the traditions I've known and loved never disappear so whether I reach 100 views on this blog or none it's something I want to have to hand over to my grandchildren when they forget the true meaning of Halloween.

I should probably give you a little introduction as to why I love Halloween as much as I do, well like I said it goes wayyyy back to my school days when one day our teacher began teaching us about the history of Halloween. To me, the ten year old kid Halloween was the day where you dressed up and got sweets but having learned all about the Jack O'Lantern I couldn't wait to come home and do my own research on the 'Samhain'.
After doing some research I learned that this was the most magical day of the year and I was hooked on finding out as much as I can about Halloween, I wanted to know everything from the origins to the folklore everything and I can pretty much say right now I think I know more about the day than I ever imagined I could have.
Yes, I was definitely a witch in my past life I know!!

Like I mentioned above Halloween brings me straight back to my childhood which were the happiest days of my life, I have nothing but the greatest of memories from trick or treating to bobbing for apples to watching Hocus Pocus and this little blog will be my place to share those stories over the next four weeks.
So on that note I'll leave my introduction as it stands and don't worry I'll be back very shortly with my first Halloween inspired post.
Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh

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