The History Of Halloween In Ireland

The history of Halloween is a topic that genuinely makes me so excited you've no idea, I don't know what it is but from the age of 11 I've known everything there is to know about the History Of Halloween and every year it seems to become more interesting and I learn something new.

  So many people out there have no idea that Halloween actually originated from Ireland and it dates back to the Celts around 2,000 years ago. I feel as though America tried to claim the 'holiday' as there own however if it wasn't for the potato famine in the 1850's when it drove thousands of starving Irish and their folklore across the sea America would have had no idea that Halloween or 'Samhain' as it was called even existed. When the Irish arrived in America of course they brought their heritage and it's then when the Americans adapted the new festival turning it into some sort of commercial holiday.

So back to business, Halloween began in Celtic Ireland and that day was called 'Samhain' a Celtic celebration meaning 'summer's end'. The Celts believed that October 31st marked the new year and November 1st was new year's day it was said that it was the one day of the year where the veil of life and death was the thinnest and the one day a year where the dead could walk amongst the living.
 With fear of the spirits returning and ruining their pastures the Celts decided something had to be done to rebel and confuse the spirits so they lit great big bonfires, wore masks and dressed up to scare away the spirits this is of course where the tradition of dressing up and lighting bonfires on Halloween came from.

Over time Samhain was changed to 'All Hallows Eve' the night before 'All Hallows Day' a day to honour all saints on November 1st from there it was a short walk to the name we all know today....

Halloween began to change when the Irish brought it to America, Halloween became a night for mischief with youngsters over turning outhouses and unhinging gates the town elders decided that they would hold little parties to keep the messers entertained for the night thus where the tradition of 'Halloween Party's' came from and there you have it the Irish history of Halloween.
 Of course there is lots more history to come with the history of 'Trick Or Treating' and 'Jack O'Lanterns' still to come very soon.

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